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Neil Webster

CEO - Fixerfilm

Neil Webster is a Director, D.O.P & Producer. He has been involved in the film industry since 1996 and has a solid reputation for his work in reportage and extreme sports. His passion for environmental issues and South African youth culture abounds.

Neil regularly works as a water based cameraman on International TV Commercials and is renowned for his pioneering big wave filming using the Hutch Motion Cam, a custom rig which enables Neil to film incredibly steady, up close tracking shots on the water from a PWC in really BIG surf. Neil’s love of the sea and nature drives him, he loves his work and it shows.

SINCE 1996

His direction and camera skills are evident in the multi season success of Channel O'(DSTV) top rated TV shows “Goal Diggers” and “Mzanzi Ridez”, as well as many globally broadcast productions and documentaries for clients like NGO Afristar, Red Bull International and Rebel TV

Fixerfilm is an award winning Hi Def Content Creation Company working for various clients and agencies both Local and International
Neil Webster
Neil Webster
/ Director